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Do Any of the Following Describe You As a Landlord?

  • Landlords who are looking to grow their portfolios
  • Landlords who want to reduce the stress of owning rental properties
  • Landlords with just a few rentals, who are working full time and can use a little help
  • Landlords who want to present their rental business a much more professional manner
  • Landlords who want help staying organized with all their paperwork
  • Landlords who travel a lot or wish to travel more and want the freedom to be able to get away every now and then.
  • Are you working full time and acquiring long term real estate investments?
  • Looking to expand your real estate portfolio but worried about the time constraints brought on by your growth?
  • Are you chained to your desk on the 1st of the month and taking calls all hours of the night for a sink leak?
  • Ever consider hiring an assistant but can't find someone honest, detailed and willing to work part time crazy hours.
  • Do you have trouble monitoring the next vacancy, notifying tenants, resigning extensions and placing ads?

If you answered yes, You need My Landlord Helper

My Landlord Helper has the #1 rated property management assistants. We save you time, money and stress. My Landlord Helper is the simple solution to you becoming more organized, less stressed and paid on time. With our landlord support combined with our web based 24.7 live app you’ll have easy access to all your property and tenant records.Having a property assistant saves you time, money and stress, plus keeps you “professional” and “in control” of your property management. My Landlord Helper allows you to self-manage with more control and knowledge.

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